Typical steps in a MATRIX implementation

Typical Steps in a MATRIX Implementation

So you’ve decided MATRIX can become your complete solution for your organization’s specific training needs, but you’re not so sure about how to get the ball rolling. To give you a helping hand, we have prepared a few steps you could follow for a successful MATRIX implementation:

  1. Signing up for a site

    5 minutes. You can create your own site in a snap! We only need your business name, a username and a password. With just a few clicks you can sign up for our 14-day Free Trial

  2. Customizing your site

    1 hour. MATRIX is a highly customizable LMS so you can personalize your learning portal with your own logo, color schemes, URL, site terminology, social media icons and more.

  3. Creating accounts for administrators and instructors

    10 minutes. This is usually done using our web form option for creating accounts. You just need to have all the names of the instructors and administrators in your team at hand.

  4. Configuring the course catalog

    10 minutes. This simply requires selecting from several layout options we have available. We recommend using attractive and high resolution pictures for each catalog category.

  5. Creating an outline of each course

    A few hours per course. This requires basic instructional skills and domain knowledge in order to determine what the course will cover. A Subject Matter Expert might be very useful at this step.

  6. Creating a curriculum for each course (optional, but recommended)

    A few hours per course. This also requires basic instructor skills and domain knowledge in order to determine what competencies the course will cover. Learners usually appreciate that.

  7. Creating the materials for each module

    A few hours per module. This depends on whether new learning materials need to be created or existing ones can be embedded or repurposed. Either way, they need to be relevant.

  8. Creating the assessments for each course

    1 hour per assessment. MATRIX offers various assessments for courses: quizzes and surveys, question banks, rubrics, portfolios and more. All these types of assessments can be created easily.

  9. Creating the learning paths (optional)

    30 minutes per learning path. Instructors can enroll learners in a learning path of related courses and set rules that are triggered when completing goals in the path. This can be done by configuring just a few options.

  10. Beta testing the courses

    1 day per course on average This depends on the complexity of the course. You show it to a small sample of users and then adjust it based on their recommendations where possible.

  11. Creating learner accounts

    30 minutes if using a bulk upload. MATRIX LMS also supports other kinds of account creation, such as self sign-up, API, LDAP, email invitations, and more, so the final time can vary.