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We have found that our new employees taking online orientation through MATRIX LMS have better embraced our purpose, goals and are applying them better to their work.

Using MATRIX LMS has increased retention of course content, providing opportunity for absorption and application right on the job, in a more gradual fashion. Our plans for expansion include now providing courses not only for new employees but also for those who have been with us long term - before we began our orientation online.

One Hope Canada

What impresses us about MATRIX LMS is that they are always improving. Not only are they anticipating market movement and adding features that keep it fresh, they are responsive to our specific needs in a way that makes us feel like one of their most valued clients.


We have been working on MATRIX for the past 4 years and find it a vast improvement on our earlier system, Backpack. I recommend it to others as being a great platform for these types of programs.

We like that we have a professional looking platform for learners to access where they can manage their learning. It helps learners become self-sufficient and feel in control of their learning with administrator and faculty support in the background.

NeuroLeadership Institute

Our company has been using MATRIX LMS for almost a year now and we are very pleased with this system. We were in a position where we had to find a new LMS quickly. We researched over twenty different systems and finally chose MATRIX LMS because we found it very easy to work with, user friendly and simple to navigate. When we tried other systems, sometimes it would take hours to just post something, which was very frustrating.

The support system is very helpful and they truly listen to their customers. When an administrator asks for a feature, they are quick to help you as to how to use it or add that feature to their system. The MATRIX LMS team is very supportive and constantly improving their system.

If someone is looking for a very affordable learning management system that is easy to use and has many features, we recommend MATRIX LMS.

Vintech Management Services

We have been using MATRIX LMS for a time now and we couldn't be more pleased with it. We find it to be very user friendly and time efficient.We can easily reach out to learners and see their progress in courses. Our learners love the user interface and the fact that they can have access to materials anytime anywhere. We truly believe that MATRIX LMS is a great LMS!


We have been using MATRIX for over 3 years and not only is the software awesome but the service provided by the MATRIX team is exemplary. We have a learning solution that visually is a pleasure, but also affordable and 100% scalable allowing it to grow alongside our business.

We feel that MATRIX is our solution, our software - part of this is because the MATRIX team are so open to suggestions demonstrating their clear drive to further evolve what is already a superior LMS, and as i use the product i often think 'wow - this functionality is there because I suggested it'. In our opinion there is only one LMS to use - and that is MATRIX.

Learning specialists

Learning Specialists

Our company is very happy with MATRIX LMS as an eLearning platform. We have many learners and staff that rely on its user friendly interface and great audio/visual options. As an administrator, MATRIX LMS is easy to manage and has lots of features that make online training simple, but besides that the thing we love most of MATRIX LMS is the amazing customer support. We highly recommend it!


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