• Rapid response support forum

    Our friendly support staff typically respond to questions posted to our support forum within 15-30 minutes. Electronic support makes it easy to share links to examples, screenshots, videos, etc, reducing the time to resolve an issue. The resolution is shared with the rest of the community, automatically adding to our accumulated knowledge.

  • Help center

    The searchable help center organizes topics by account type. Most topics include detailed instructions with screenshots. The help center also includes one-click access to our support forum, product news forum, suggestions area, how to videos, getting started guides, and roadmap. It also includes API documentation for developers.

MATRIX support forum


  • Web-based training

    Our web-based training allows you and your staff to enjoy in-depth training from the comfort of your office. We use web-conferencing tools to provide real-time demonstrations of our site in action, and because we do not have to travel to your location, we can provide it at a lower cost than on-site training.

  • On-site training

    We can deliver training at your location in a classroom environment. All our instructors are experts with our platform, and the training includes plenty of hands-on experience.

  • Video library

    We regularly add how-to videos to our help center, providing an easy way to study and master our feature set.

  • Customized delivery

    We can provide customized training that covers a range of topics that you specifically request. We can also make recommendations of which topics should be covered based on your experience with our platform.

  • Self-paced courses

    We provide a set of self-paced courses, built using our own platform, that guide you through basic, intermediate, and advanced features (Summer 2016). Each course automatically awards a certificate upon completion.


  • Setup

    We can provide assistance with setting up your e-learning site, including customizing your color scheme, preparing your logo with a transparent background for embedding, configuring your custom URL, and integrating with your email and authentication systems.

  • Customization

    Our consulting team can add custom features to our product based on your specific requirements.

  • Content creation

    Our content creation partners can help you to create custom e-learning content for your site.

  • API integration

    Our API allows you to easily create programs that access the full power of our e-learning site. We can also extend our API on request to support additional functionality.

  • Content migration

    We can assist you in migrating your existing content to our platform, including the creation of custom migration tools when appropriate.

  • Audit

    We can perform a site audit and provide you with feedback on how your site is currently set up, as well as suggestions for improvement.

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