5 Reasons to Use a gamified LMS for training

5 Reasons to Use a Gamified LMS for Training

  1. Boosts engagement

    Employees enjoy gamified elements such as earning points, leaderboards, and badges because they make learning more enjoyable and drive participation.

  2. Motivation and goal tracking

    People are motivated by a need to accomplish, to work towards goals.

    Using a gamified LMS helps them have specific targets which seem achievable and exciting to attain.

  3. Improves knowledge retention

    With gamification training is more engaging and the level of information retention is increased. Employees are much more likely to remember what they are taught because they are more involved in the process.

  4. Promotes team building

    Use a Gamified LMS to enhance collaboration, communication, and knowledge-sharing between employees by providing them with an outlet to connect socially and contribute content.

  5. Valuable feedback

    A gamified LMS allows you to easily track the performance of your employees and get real-time feedback about how they’re learning and developing skills as they progress in their training.

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