8 Reasons to choose MATRIX as your LMS

In an ever-expanding pool of LMS vendors, it can be hard for business organizations to find the right one. The first step is to identify the unique company learning needs and then compare and contrast what an LMS has to offer and how these aspects can support achieving the learning objectives. Check out what MATRIX LMS can do for you!

  1. Beautiful, intuitive design

    MATRIX has a stunning user interface, with a responsive design that looks great on any device and keeps users happy and engaged. Our platform is very user friendly with a simple navigation, a graphical course catalog, attractive tile-based dashboards, and downloadable mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

  2. Powerful features

    We provide the range of functionality you'd expect from a top-notch LMS, with powerful features like gamification, automation, learning paths, compliance, ad-hoc reporting, e-commerce, and integration with the most popular systems such as PayPal, Stripe, Salesforce, Zapier, GoToMeeting, and more.

  3. Easily engage and motivate learners

    Motivation is paramount to successful learning. That’s why we offer various gamification features, to make courses more captivating. Instructors can award points and badges based on rules and learners can see their ranking on a leaderboard. We also offer the possibility to enroll learners in a learning path of related courses.

  4. Branded portals

    MATRIX is a highly customizable LMS that can easily reflect your company branding. Create your own personalized portal that looks professional and elegant by following just a few simple steps. Add your own logo, color scheme, URL, fonts, and terminology. We also offer support for custom CSS and custom HTML.

  5. Easily facilitate collaboration

    Learning is a social activity so a great collaboration between employees is crucial to an effective training program. Our LMS has built-in support for wikis, blogs, chat rooms, forums, groups, and web conferencing. Users can connect as friends with other users in order to message and exchange learning resources easily.

  6. Detailed analytics and reporting tools

    Having a lot of learning data is important, but making sense of it is what matters most when making decisions. With MATRIX you can create reports and charts of learning data such as completion status, enrollment status, and you can also create custom reports with parameters defined by you.

  7. Friendly, professional support staff

    Our support staff is very efficient, helpful, and responds to customer questions in a timely manner. We provide extensive searchable online help, a support forum, a library of how-to videos, getting started guides, learner help desk, and rapid online technical support to provide assistance when required.

  8. Best pricing plans suited to your needs

    We offer various pricing plans to meet the needs of all types of organizations: big or small, for profit or not, operating across diverse industries. MATRIX has a complete set of powerful features and provides great value for money. It can become your complete training solution for just the right price.

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