10 of the most influential people in e-learning in 2015

10 of the Most Influential People in E-learning in 2015

  1. Craig Weiss

    A recognized e-learning expert, industry analyst, speaker, and the author of the well-known blog Elearning 24/7.

  2. Connie Malamed

    An experienced e-learning, information and visual designer and publisher of The eLearning Coach website.

  3. Christopher Pappas

    Founder and CEO of the eLearning Industry Network, which is the largest eLearning Professionals' network at the present moment.

  4. Cammy Bean

    An e-learning instructional designer, vice president of learning design for Kineo US, and author of the book "The Accidental Instructional Designer".

  5. Ryan Tracey

    E-Learning Manager at a well-known financial services organisation in Australia and the author of the award winning blog E-Learning Provocateur.

  6. Patti Shank

    Speaker, writer, author and the President of Learning Peaks LLC, an internationally recognized consulting firm that provides learning and performance consulting.

  7. Elliott Masie

    Industry analyst, speaker, author, and the editor of Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie, an Internet newsletter read by over 52,000 business executives worldwide.

  8. Rebecca Stromeyer

    Director of ICWE, an events and media company, that organises events related to education and training in all parts of the world, such as ONLINE EDUCA and elearning Africa.

  9. Tom Kuhlmann

    One of the most known e-learning designers with an experience of over 20 years in the training industry and the author of the Rapid Elearning Blog.

  10. Laura Overton

    Managing Director of Towards Maturity with more than two decades of experience in helping organisations improve the business impact of learning technologies in the workplace.

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