5 Features Every LMS Should Have

5 Features Every LMS Should Have

  1. Customization features

    Every LMS should offer customizing and branding features such as a custom logo, color schemes, and labels so that companies can easily portray their brand.

  2. Extensive reporting and analytics

    The reporting and analytics tools in an LMS are very important for any company. Reporting features should include canned reports, ad-hoc reporting, and graphical analytics for key areas of the LMS.

  3. E-commerce integration

    For companies that want to make revenue by selling courses, an LMS must include e-commerce functionality, with options such as bundles, subscriptions, discount codes, and integration with popular payment gateways.

  4. Mobile version

    Considering the current technology advancement, LMSs without a responsive design or mobile apps have much to lose. Companies are now looking for LMSs that will allow them to access training material in a user friendly interface anytime, anywhere.

  5. Administration features

    Companies need to be able to manage the LMS smoothly. All configuration options should be consolidated in a single location, to ensure that administrators can easily enable and disable features, administer enrollment, monitor the performance of employees, and more.

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