Easy to use

Our user interface is clean, with an intuitive design that makes the whole experience of using our platform more enjoyable and productive.

Have your own company portal

Create a custom MATRIX portal and use it as a central hub to display online courses, communicate company news, and manage events.

Customize your portal

Our platform can be matched to your company’s brand by adding a personalized logo, URL, color scheme, terminology, and more.

Graphical Dashboards

We provide beautiful, tile-based dashboards for all user types. The admin dashboard can be customized with drag and drop widgets that display the most important information for your company.


We offer support for 40+ languages, including RTL languages. We automatically translate messages and forum postings between users that speak different languages, so users from all around the world can easily stay connected.


Our platform is fully responsive and looks great on any mobile device. We also have mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows so users can enjoy MATRIX’s functionality on the go. Soon we will also release offline mode for all native apps. Companies can also have their own branded mobile apps with a custom logo.


We’re continually working to enhance our platform's accessibility features for users with disabilities. Our current features include hidden content that improves screen reader use, a 'skip to content' shortcut, underlined links setting, and a high contrast theme. We recommend JAWS, NVDA or Voice Over to our users that wish to use a screen reader.

Our coaches really like MATRIX. We're working in very remote areas, and to our surprise that activity is not an issue because they are able to access it through a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
Alan Wagenberg, División de Ciudadanía Económica para América Latina y el Caribe, Fundación Capital

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