Automate and gamify


Make learning more flexible by creating rules that trigger actions

Trigger actions when users complete tasks

Set up actions that should be performed when learners enroll in groups, complete courses and learning paths, or fall behind on their mastery levels. This powerful feature helps instructors save time on training activities and makes learning more personalized.

Various automation options

Choose the type of action you want to add such as awarding points and badges, enrolling learners in courses, locking/unlocking modules, sending custom messages, and more.

Choose where to add rules

Rules can be added in many areas of the platform such as courses, learning paths, groups, accounts, and mastery.

Add rules to

Define the course flow

Drip content allows you to schedule learner access to modules rather than have them all available at once. Trainers can use automation to lock/unlock modules at a specified time.

Adaptive learning

Dynamically personalize what content and assessments learners see in courses based on their performance. Using automation, instructors can create rules that when triggered show or hide specific content sections or assessments.


Make learning more engaging and interactive using gamification

Create fun games

Make learning fun and competitive with gamification by creating games where learners can earn points and badges for completing tasks during courses activities.

gamification platform

Set up game levels

You can create levels for games and define how many points are required to pass each level. This helps learners learn how to achieve goals.

gamification platform

See game progress on leaderboards

Learners can see their progress in games on leaderboards, as well as the number of points and badges earned so far. Learner can also see the rankings of other game players.

gamification platform

Choose the type of game suited to your training

You can use gamification for courses, learning paths and even create games that allow learners to gather points and badges by completing site-wide activities. You can also add more than one game per area, for example a course can have multiple games.

Site-wide game Path game Course game

Team games

Create team games by adding groups from the platform to course, path and site-wide games. This is a great way to encourage learners to participate in a fun contest together with other training participants.

Get creative with badges

Award badges to learners as incentives to encourage great results. You can upload badges or create your own with custom shapes, images, text, and colors.

We have found that our new employees taking online orientation through MATRIX LMS have better embraced our purpose, goals and are applying them better to their work.
Roland McQuade, Resource Development Coordinator, One Hope Canada

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